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The Programme


JK Tyre Advantage is a point based Dealer Relationship Program for JK Tyre dealers dealing in JK Tyre Car & UV radial tyres. JK Tyre Advantage program gives a platform to every JK tyre dealer to earn points on off-take which can be further redeemed in the form of Exciting rewards. As on date JK Tyre Advantage program is one of the biggest loyalty based CRM program in the Tyre Industry.

Some of the Key Highlights of the 2017-18 Advantage Program are:

  • Dealer who crosses 60 Tyres of Car + UV radials in a quarter will be eligible for membership from next quarter.
  • On the basis of previous quarter Car + UV radials off-take member current quarter category will be defined.
  • The Dealer will be enrolled in the program basis his last quarter off-take with JK Tyre.
  • Bonus points will be given to each dealer as per their consistency in the program.
  • Dealer will be entitled to fill in the complete enrolment form with the help of JK Sales representative.
  • Once the dealer is enrolled he will receive login credential details to the program website.
  • The Dealer will start earning point's basis his current category in the program.


On the basis of the Dealer previous quarter off-take, you will be placed in one of the following categories.

Categories Minimum off-take/QTR Maximum off-take/QTR
Jogger 60 100
Sprinter 101 149
Bronze 150 250
Silver 251 450
Gold 451 750
Platinum 751 1000
Super Platinum 1001 & above

*off-take indudes Car Radial +UV Radial

Categories Minimum off-take/QTR Maximum off-take/QTR
Jogger 100 100+25
Sprinter 110 110+25
Bronze 130 130+25
Silver 140 140+25
Gold 150 150+25
Platinum 160 160+25
Super Platinum 170 170+25


Dealer member will be entitled to earn points as per their current category in the Advantage program.


Each Dealer member will be entitled to get the below mentioned bonus if he fulfills parameters of each.

Consistency Bonus

Consistency Bonus is offered to recognize members who maintain consistent off-take with JK Tyre. There are 2 parameters to achieve the consistency bonus @ 5%

  • Consistent purchase in all 3 months of a quarter
  • Achievement of quarterly minimum off-take for the category (Eg: Minimum 751 tyres in a platinum category)
Categories Minimu required off-take per month of the quarter Consistency point/tyre
Bronze 50 5% BONUS POINTS
Silver 84
Gold 151
Platinum 200
Categories Minimu required off-take per month of the quarter Consistency point/tyre
Super Platinum 267 10% BONUS POINTS

** To fulfill the consistency criteria and gain the total points, member need to purchase as per the required off-take (as mentioned above) and remain in the same category or upgrade to higher category.

SCV Radial Bonanza

  • Advantage Program members will also be entitled to earn points on his SCV Radial off-take.
  • Earning rate would be his (12-14) inch point rate of his respective category.

Slab Jump Bonus @ 10%

  • Member will get 10% bonus points earned in the quarter, if he reaches the next category minimum off-take level in a quarter.
  • Slab jump bonus is not applicable for Super Platinum category.


JK Tyre Advantage members can redeem their points against exciting range of rewards from the Advantage reward catalogue. The Advantage member don't have to wait for the complete year for the redemption to start, the redemption will be made live during the program year itself.

The reward catalogue will carry complete new range of exciting gifts items from an AUDI to International trips to your desired destinations. Advantage member can place his redemption following 3 simple steps

  • Visit www.jktyreadvantage.com
  • Check the redemption catalogue and add desired gift to cart
  • Fill in the complete details as required and gift will get delivered to your registered address